How to Apply For an UpLoan in the Philippines
How to Apply For an UpLoan in the Philippines
  • Easy to apply
  • Approval time
  • No hidden condition
  • Renewal rules
  • Service quality
  • Customer support
Contact information
Phone number: 0917 636 0269
From 9 am to 4 pm
(Monday – Saturday)
2000 ₱
100000 ₱
10 Days
1800 Days
Interest rate per day
Daily payment

A good place to start your search for an Uploan in the Philippines is on the This company is a new online lender that is making waves in the Philippines and Asia. This article will help you understand how these companies work and what you should consider when applying for an Uploan.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    2.000 - 100.000 PHP
  • Term
    10 - 1800 days
  • Interest rate
    0,50% per day
  • Age
    21+ years

You may not have heard of UpLoan in the Philippines, but it’s an innovative fintech company that provides affordable financial solutions to its partner companies. It specializes in salary loans. With more than three hundred and fifty partners, Uploan has already helped more than 35 thousand people find the funds they need. But how do you know if this loan provider is legit? Here are some ways to spot a scam.

Lendable has recently acquired Uploan in the Philippines, giving the company US$15 million in debt funding. Uploan PH is the first portfolio company in the Philippines, and it offers loans to employees of local businesses. The company also provides insurance for their employees, so borrowers never have to worry about running out of cash. The company claims to have 300,000 employees nationwide. To help them, Uploan offers financial education tools and online loans Pilipinas harassment solutions to its partners.

To increase its financial literacy, Uploan also offers tools to educate its customers on financial literacy. They offer financial education resources for their customers and a robust CRM platform to manage their leads. In addition to providing loans, Uploan also offers insurance and financial wellness tools. The company leverages data from the HR and employment history of employees to create better credit scores and better loan options for its customers.

A payroll loan management platform is a crucial part of a company’s human resources department. This tool helps businesses set up various loan programs and set lending parameters. For instance, you can make certain loan types and amounts available to specific employees based on the current interest rates. Additionally, the platform will allow you to keep track of the amount lent each month and set up notifications and alerts when it’s time for a repayment.

Getting started with a Payroll loan management platform can be a complex task if you don’t know how to set it up. Fortunately, there are a number of payroll loan management platforms available online. Using one can make managing your loans a lot simpler. Payroll loan management platforms are designed to make it easy for employees to access the money they need for their own needs. In the Philippines, this means finding a platform that allows you to make payments on employees’ loans and manage them in an efficient and secure manner.

Providing end-to-end salary loan management, Uploan in the Philippines received a debt facility of $15 million from Lendable, a London-based loan startup. The funding will help Uploan grow its loan book and balance sheet. Founded in 2017, Uploan offers salary loans and advances, as well as financial wellness tools. The company leverages its HR data and employment history to offer people better credit scores.

The system calculates individual crediting amounts based on monthly salary. It also allows users to enter their loan amount, commission, term of payment, and total payments. The process requires them to sign up for company rules and security requirements, and they can get expert advice on how to use the system to their advantage. In the Philippines, Uploan is a legal loan provider, so users can feel confident knowing that they’re making a wise decision.

How to Apply For an UpLoan in the Philippines
Borrower requirements
  • Coming of age 21+
  • Issued Filipino ID card
  • Have a stable source of income
  • Valid mobile phone number
How to pay a loan
  • In personal account
  • On site online
  • In the office
  • By bank transfer

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03 February 2023
Although this is my first microloan, in my opinion the service is good. I was approved for money for medicines. I can recommend them now.
Linnie Herman
Linnie Herman
Thank you very much for your prompt help. Thanks to the online loan, I was able to solve the financial problem without unnecessary complications.
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Floy Hill
Thank you for the opportunity to get a loan with a low credit score. This gave me a chance to improve my credit history and increase my creditworthiness.
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Yitzchak Scott
I am always satisfied with the service when taking a loan online, the operators tell everything in detail and clearly!
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Henry Sanders
A student, and sometimes it\'s hard to get money. When it gets really hot, I apply for a loan online. Fast and convenient. Submitted the application, 20 minutes and the money is already on the card.
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Clayton Ward
Went on the recommendation of a friend. Helped in difficult times. The money was in my account within 15 minutes. I paid off the debt and interest without any problems.
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Yuki Jackson
Large selection of loan offers. Simple application process, fast crediting to the account. It suits me and I advise you
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