Digido in the Philippines

Digido in the Philippines
  • Easy to apply
  • Approval time
  • No hidden condition
  • Renewal rules
  • Service quality
  • Customer support
Contact information
Phone number: (02) 876 8484
From 8 am to 5 pm
(Monday – Sunday)
1000 ₱
25000 ₱
7 Days
180 Days
Interest rate per day
Daily payment

There are numerous benefits to using Robocash in the Philippines. Not only can you apply for a loan at any time of day, you can also get a transfer at night. In four minutes, you can have your loan of up to 5 000 Philippine pesos. Unlike traditional loan applications, Digido requirements doesn’t require guarantors or collateral deposits. It also eliminates the need for a long list of documents and collateral.

Loan parameters
  • Loan amount
    1.000 - 25.000 PHP
  • Term
    7 - 180 days
  • Interest rate
    11.9% per month
  • Age
    21 - 70 years

The interest rate on Digido loans in the Philippines is relatively low and offers a fast way to access emergency cash. The company has established loan booths at various places, including train stations and supermarkets. With its network currently standing at 42, Robocash is one of the fastest-growing financial institutions in the country. It has also complied with government directives in the wake of the pandemic.

The application process is easy, fast and secure. Robocash provides customer service via email and phone from 8 AM to 5 PM. Sofia, a financial analyst, collects data on loan offers from government sources and updates information on all products regularly. She joined Upfinance in 2017, an organization that assists Filipino consumers in navigating the financial services market. Apart from a fast loan application process, Robocash also offers friendly customer service. The company uses technology to process all transactions online, making it more convenient for consumers.

The interest rate on Digido loans varies according to the amount borrowed and the length of time for repayment. While a new customer has limited options, a repeat borrower is given better terms. The interest rate on robocash loans varies according to loan amount, tenure and credit history. The company will give you a detailed estimate of interest rate before you finalize your application.

In order to avail of a Digido in the Philippines, you must be a Filipino citizen. You must have a government-issued ID. Besides the ID number, you should also provide your full name as it appears on your ID, your date of birth, and your gender. Aside from that, you must also provide your email address. The next step is to indicate the purpose of obtaining the loan. You can also get a loan for your short-term needs.

Robocash is an international money-lending company that offers late payment on the loan services online. Its loan process usually takes between five and ten minutes. Its branch in the Philippines is dedicated to providing fast payday loans up to 25000 PHP to Filipinos. It is a fast, convenient way to obtain a loan and you can apply for one at any time of the day or night.

The Robocash loan application process consists of answering a few questions about your personal data. You must provide the purpose of the loan and your employment and monthly income. You must also provide a number of references, the more references you have, the better. If you can’t provide enough references, you will be asked to call them for further verification. If you’ve chosen to use Digido, make sure you have the necessary documents to back up your application.

The Philippines has a population of more than 70%. The lack of banking services is an advantage for these loan companies. Moreover, banks are often overcrowded and people with a valid bank account face long lines. The documentation process takes time, and demand is high. Therefore, a good solution is an online loan Digido provider that helps those without formal bank accounts.

Digido in the Philippines
Borrower requirements
  • Coming of age 21+
  • Issued Filipino ID card
  • Have a stable source of income
  • Valid mobile phone number
How to pay a loan
  • In personal account
  • On site online
  • In the office
  • By bank transfer

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Mac Considine
02 June 2023
Digido's micro-loan services have been a great help during unexpected expenses. The process is quick, and the requirements are minimal.
12 March 2023
I was hesitant to try an online loan, but Digido's customer service team was so helpful and answered all my questions. They made the process so easy for me. Thank you, Digido!
Brittany Joson
28 December 2022
Great company! I am their permanent client!
Marietta Fay
Marietta Fay
The site is very convenient, I used it this year for the first time and was very pleased. I chose the right one for myself and got the loan very quickly. I advise everyone.
Reinhold Becker
Reinhold Becker
Urgently needed money for a gift for a girl. Got to this site. Lots of options to choose from is a big plus. Easy to apply and get paid quickly. I will recommend it to my friends.
Linnie Herman
Linnie Herman
Thank you very much for your prompt help. Thanks to the online loan, I was able to solve the financial problem without unnecessary complications.
Yuki Jackson
Yuki Jackson
Large selection of loan offers. Simple application process, fast crediting to the account. It suits me and I advise you
Karla Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez
Wide range of loans. Simple application process. I really get everything very quickly, the main thing is to have an ID and a phone with me
Floy Hill
Floy Hill
Thank you for the opportunity to get a loan with a low credit score. This gave me a chance to improve my credit history and increase my creditworthiness.
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